Scent Theory and How it Applies to K9 Nose Work® Event is Full Wait List Only   

Monday May 23. 2016  Allouez Village Hall Green Bay, WI

Check In 8:30 a.m. Class 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Lunch will be provided


$85.00 Audit

*$120.00 demo dog limit of 8 spots 

2 CEU's Available

Do you ever wonder what all of that birch, anise and clove odor is doing as your dog is searching?

If so, this Scent Theory workshop will help you understand! 

This seminar will discuss the canine olfactory system, how it works and why they do what they do so well. How scent is dispersed and what in the environment effects scent movement. Why the understanding of scent theory is important to nose work will be emphasized.  Through videos and demos we will observe what behaviors the dog exhibits while working in specific conditions allowing us to better understand environmental effects and to read what our dogs are communicating.

Donna Hreniuk, CNWI, is also a NACSW Certifying Official and Judge.  She has been a canine handler in Search and Rescue for 27 years, specializing in Human Remains Detection.  She participated in the development of the first national standard for Disaster Recovery Canines and certified one of the first two disaster recovery canines in the country.  Her current K9, Sabre, has been certified in both Disaster Recovery and Land HRD. In addition, she spent many years of her career as a Cell Biologist studying the G Protein Coupled Receptor family involved in Olfaction.

*We will be choosing 8 teams to be demonstration teams. If you would like us to consider your team, please submit your request during registration. Demo teams will be working in the afternoon session only. Demo dogs must be proficient in birch, anise and clove. They may be crated in your car or inside the presentation room. However it will be your responsibility to make sure they are not disturbing the presentation.